Hello World! Dispatches From the Reality Business

Welcome to Extra Real. Put on your goggles and tell the neighbors: We’re taking a journey into the future of reality.

I’m your host, Noah Kravitz. After close to a decade covering the rise of the smartphone in the mid 2000’s, I crossed the content fence from where bloggers and journalists hang out to the land of marketers and comms people. I spent some time on staff at Nokia/Microsoft and Salesforce, and a lot of time consulting for Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung, and some really cool companies you’ve probably never heard of because they’re small, business-to-business shops.

That adds up to around 15 years of work in B2B and B2C tech, staying close to everything from the algorithms behind AI to countless attempts to dethrone the iPhone. I also got a crash course in marketing and selling enterprise software to tiny nonprofits and the Coca-Colas and Western Unions of the world, alike. All of this on the heels of my “first career” as a teacher and educational technologist, way back in the ’90s.

A few months ago I decided to wind down my main consulting gigs to take a breath and figure out what’s next. It took all of a few weeks to realize what my professional circles had been telling me for months: Augmented and Virtual Reality is next. From game developers to corporate marketers to Ph.D researchers, people see the potential in immersive digital experiences across virtually every realm of human life.

Money – big money – is already being thrown at AR and VR. From consumer plays like Oculus, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR to B2B solutions for research and training, the space is heating up. But it’s still early days; very early days.

I’m lucky to have already had some behind-the-curtain looks at what tech giants and boutique development shops are doing with the technology. And I’ve seen for myself – and through the eyes of my two young kids – the allure of strapping on a headset and diving into a new reality. So it only made sense to me to throw up a blog and report on what I find out there.

Extra Real will cover Augmented and Virtual Reality from a business perspective. I’ll get into announcements and reviews of individual consumer products, for sure. But this won’t be a throwback to my days unboxing every new cell phone on YouTube. Most of the posts on here will be of the big picture, summary and analysis variety. Info and insight you can consume quickly and digest throughout your day as you figure out when and how AR and VR fits into your own business.

At least, that’s the plan right now. Always gotta skate to where you think the puck is going, right?

I gave myself some leeway since this is my introductory post, but already the word count is getting long. Thanks for stopping by. Now sign up for the newsletter and tell a colleague.

Okay then, on to new realities!