Apple Should Show The World That It’s Serious About VR at WWDC

The Verge’s Lauren Goode explains why Apple would do well to unveil developer tools for Augmented Reality at today’s WWDC Keynote:

Since we’re not expecting any sort of hardware update to the iPhone lineup for the next four months at least — no new cameras or depth sensors that would enable 3D AR — that means any Apple advancements around AR in the near term will come from the software side. Some have speculated that Apple could announce “ARkit,” a kind of framework that would integrate parts of the existing camera with new software in a way that would allow developers to gather more information from the camera.

The latest from the Apple rumor mill pinpoints 2019 on the “When Will They Launch AR Glasses?” dartboard. As Goode rightly points out, if and when AR hardware goes on sale at Apple Stores, an app ecosystem will be key to their success. Some iOS developers are already itching for an AR/VR specific framework they can start working with.


One developer, who spoke on background because of a pending AR app launch, told me that the one thing he has been hoping for is the ability to “hook into” the iPhone’s camera sensors and directly access the hardware in a way that developers currently can’t.

The WWDC Keynote is today at 10 am, PDT. Watch the livestream on Apple’s site.