“An Incredible Rush of Developers” Is Headed To Apple AR

“Apple has an extraordinary history of adopting trends at just the right time that they’re ready for mainstream pickup. From the buzz among developers we know and we work with there is going to be an incredible rush of developers working to support this…you’re going to see an immense amount of investment very quickly.”

– Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, speaking to UploadVR.

Sweeney’s company has skin in the game, of course—Epic’s Unreal Engine, along with competitor Unity, are big name creation engines integrated into ARKit at launch. Still, this isn’t empty hyperbole.

The more I’ve been thinking about ARKit, and AR and VR in general, the more I keep repeating the word, “frictionless.” I literally can’t think of a more frictionless way for new users to discover AR/VR than through an iOS app, except maybe on Facebook. But from what I’ve seen and read this week, experiences created in ARKit will have enormous upside vs those made in Facebook’s recently announced in-app tools (more on that in a post to come).

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality apps don’t demand anything more of users than regular mobile apps do. No headset, nothing special in the way of physical space, and not even the effort to search in a special “VR” section of the app store. Make an awesome AR app and people will try it, use it, and share it, just like they do now.