Draw On Someone Else’s Reality With Project Chalk

Pokemon Go is super cool and all, but Augmented Reality has potential well beyond entertainment. Vuforia may have come up with a true killer app for AR – if they can execute on it.

Project Chalk is a video chat app that lets users draw on each other’s realities in real-time. Shara Tibken described it for CNET:

Project Chalk … lets you interact with others through video calling. The twist is that you can draw on your phone or tablet screen using your finger or a stylus to show someone where to plug in a cable or how to solve a math problem.

If you’re the one giving assistance, what you see on your screen is what the other person is pointing a phone’s camera at. You can create digital notes and drawings over an image. When your contact looks at the phone, the annotation show up as if it’s stuck to the object itself, exactly where you made the scribble.

The applications are near-endless, starting with a problem we’re likely all too familiar with: Trying to run tech support for a friend or family member over the phone. From this example, it’s incredibly easy to extrapolate out to all sorts of “help” and training situations, from school- and job-based learning, to basic health care situations, and more.

Project Chalk will be available in app stores this Fall.