VR Cord Cutters Take Baby Step Towards Mainstream

Tuan Nguyen, reviewing a prototype of HTC and Intel’s wireless Vive headset for PCGamer:

Although my game time with the wireless Vive headset was short, it was exactly what I wanted from the initial release of the Vive and Rift headset. Having wires everywhere is a huge pain and injury risk and complicates the overall experience.

Companies in the VR space know that to truly take VR mainstream, wide consumer adoption needs to take place. Two things need to happen before that occurs: great content and true ease of use. Right now we have neither, but we’re  slowly getting there.

If Google’s forthcoming Daydream standalone headsets can nail the industrial design, hardware performance, and – perhaps most importantly – computational sleight-of-hand promised by the company’s new Seurat graphics technology, they could mark an important milestone on the road to consumer VR adoption.

Nobody wants to wear a helmet that’s tethered to a PC by a bunch of wires.