Apple Partners With IKEA on Next-Gen Furniture Shopping

Mitchel Broussard, writing for MacRumors about forthcoming enhancements to IKEA’s Augmented Reality-enhanced furniture catalogs, powered by Apple ARKit:

IKEA has been doing this for years now, including an early version which required users to scan pages of an IKEA catalogue to view AR furniture, but the company said that Apple’s platform will greatly increase the consistency and quality of the experience.

I’ve scanned the old catalogues and twisted and turned phone and body to get a glimpse of a digital couch superimposed on my own living room. It was cool, in an uber-geeky sort of way.

The promise of consistently high quality experiences is a big part of why big companies and indie developers alike are excited about ARKit. Apple doesn’t invent new technologies; they make existing ones good enough for mainstream consumption.