Meet Samsung’s Next-Gen Virtual Reality Headset

We already knew HTC and Lenovo were prepping Android-based standalone VR headsets for launch later this year. By standalone, I mean “you don’t need to snap your smartphone into the goggles.” Surprise, surprise, Samsung’s working on a standalone VR rig, too.

A company called Visual Camp spilled the beans on Samsung’s Exynos VR, a forthcoming headset that will apparently use Visual Camp’s eye-tracking technology. Like Google’s standalone Daydream View rigs, Exynos will not only let you keep your phone free for other uses, it’ll also enable advanced VR features that a phone-based setup just can’t handle.

Lilliputing reports:

The Exynos VR is a headset with a built-in display, a smartphone-like processor, and all the other tech you need for virtual reality applications.

It looks like the latest version is the Exynos VR III, which features a 10nm hexa-core processor with two Samsung M2 CPU cores clocked at 2.5 GHz, four ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores clocked at 1.7 GHz, ARM Mali G71 MP20 graphics, and dual WQHD+ displas with a screen refresh rate of 90 fps (or a single 4K/75Hz display).

In addition to eye-tracking, the Exynos VR head-mounted display is said to support “hand tracking, voice recognition, and facial expression recognition.”

Assuming Exynos VR supports the Oculus store like Gear VR does, this is pretty exciting. Oculus has a big headstart over Google’s Daydream store when it comes to available content to make those virtual reality glasses come alive.