VW Digital Reality Hub Lets Employees Exchange Knowledge in VR

Rebecca Hills-Duty, VRFocus:

German-based car manufacturer Volkswagen have announced the creation of a hub of virtual reality (VR) applications for production and logistics that allow engineers and designers to meet up in VR to exchange ideas, even if they are in different countries.

VW worked with startup¬†Innoactive to develop the Hub, which will let global employees access internal knowledge bases along with the company’s suite of VR apps and related technologies. Employees at different company sites will be able to interact with one another in virtual reality for everything from impromptu chats to attendance at live workshops across the globe.

Much has been made of the potential for enterprise- and industrial-grade VR for training and simulation purposes. On the surface, VW’s Hub sounds like an interesting approach to combining telepresence and knowledge exchange in a single, immersive platform.