AR Firefighting Helmet Takes Thermal Imaging to Next Level

Bobby Carlton, VRScout:

The C-THRU system works by integrating several technologies: head-mounted projection display, optical thermal camera, cloud computing, selective active noise cancellation, target acquisition, and an augmented reality display—all built into the helmet to give the firefighter real-time navigation directly within line-of-sight. This important information is essential in allowing the firefighter to move throughout a building much faster—in some cases even five times faster.

“The cameras are 2-3 pounds, they get heavy,” said  [veteran firefighter] Dejnozka. “When using it, you lose the ability to use that hand. The Qwake helmet would reduce much of that load and allow me to have both of my hands free to move around, which would increase the safety of the firefighter, and it would improve our chances of stopping the fire.”

I’m starting to write a lot about AR’s potential as a mainstream platform for consumers to use in daily life. But that doesn’t undercut its incredible potential in professional situations with site-specific needs. Carlton’s post goes into detail about several other of Qwake’s features, including the use of AR to overlay wall temperature and other critical information on a firefighter’s live field of view.

The possibilities for AR in the workplace are just mind-boggling.