RED’s Enormous Holographic Phone Previewed in Video

YouTuber extraordinaire MKBHD (aka Marques Brownlee) got his hands on a few prototypes of RED’s forthcoming Hydrogen holographic pocket digital cinema phone. Brownlee made a video.

The phone looks enormous and dumb. You can watch the video for yourself, or just scan TechCrunch’s summary and move on with your life:

Brownlee, though he says he was merely at a loss for words, doesn’t seem particularly blown away. It’s easy to imagine why: small glasses-free 3D displays came and went not because they didn’t work but because they aren’t compelling. If this is just a high-fidelity version of a technology that failed for a dozen reasons, it’s hard to muster any enthusiasm.

Hydrogen will ship sometime in the future and cost far too much. A few movie directors will probably buy them, use them a few times, and go back to their iPhones.