Moss Leads Fresh Pack of Playstation VR Games

Kevin Joyce, reviewing a pre-release demo of Polyarc’s forthcoming Moss for VR Focus:

The colourful backdrops and beautiful animation of lead mousketeer, Quill, seemed far from the stark environments and inanimate objects that virtual reality (VR) has offered in much of its first year as a consumer product.

Already confirmed for release later this year, Moss deserves a place on your ‘most wanted’ list. After just one short play, the tease of more taxing puzzles and the forming of a non-verbal relationship with the adorable Quill is very compelling.

Moss got a lot of buzz at E3 last week. The reveal promises both stunning, sometimes “adorable” visuals and unique game mechanics that make the player both narrator and protagonist of the same story.

Simulation-style titles will always sell (war/combat games spring to mind), but I’m a sucker for games that trade less in hyper-reality and more in fantastically imagined sur-reality, if you will. For instance, Smash Hit was the first Gear VR game I really got sucked into, largely because it sucked me into another dimension entirely. Same goes for Katamari Damacy back in the PS2 days.